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We are focused on safety, our people, our clients and our capabilities.

The board of Directors wishes to thank all the stakeholders who have been part of this journey of the company from its inception to date and going through challenges together in keeping the commitment bestowed on us be fulfilled.

We sincerely express our gratitude to one and all; especially the clients who give us the business opportunity, the employees who accomplish the tasks assigned to the company, the suppliers who have been steady supporting our endeavours, the sub-contractors who have been putting all their sleepless efforts and all other people whom we may not be able to mention here.

The Board of Directors wishes to thank the government for its continued support to private sector and we are very proud to be associated with the government in executing its programs.

The company has always been with the people in cases of emergency situations which arose and have put its best endeavours to mitigate the potential disasters, reinstate them which are normally beyond our business commitments all over the country. Further, as part of corporate social responsibility, we have been carrying out several eye camps and actively participated in jigger eradication program initiated by Indian association for affected communities in Busoga Region. Further participation is recorded in giving materials to schools, churches, hospitals and mosques wherever the company carries out project activities.

We once again thank the Government for providing us these opportunities to serve the people of Uganda.We thank one and all.For God and our Country.

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